Twizted Creationz began over 17 years ago and has grown to become a leading haunt in the area.  It was moved from its previous location to its new home off of Purple Cow Rd, just north of Waynesboro, VA.  It is a professional level trail haunt, with a combination of indoor and outdoor scenes. The Haunt Masters of Twizted Creationz spend the off season at haunt conventions, sharing ideas with other professional haunters.  The event is run by volunteers who dedicate their time to bring screams to all who dare to enter.

All proceeds from Twizted Creationz Haunted Attraction go to Camp LIGHT, a summer camp for kids with special needs, including at risk youth. Camp LIGHT began with a simple notion that, ‘every kid deserves the chance to experience the joys of summer camp.’ Fun, it turns out, helps children to reach beyond their challenges to discover new strength, hope and resilience. Programs will help families release the emotional, physical, and financial burdens caused by serious childhood illnesses, and will provide a peer network that reaches far beyond the LIGHT of a summer campfire.  Learn more about Camp LIGHT by visiting

About our Haunt Masterz

Scott “Hollywood” Balsley: Carpenter, “MacGyver”, Scare-extraordinaire

Scott was born to scare. As a child, he would constantly hide everywhere and jump out at his sisters. He got much satisfaction from hearing their shrieks, then you’d hear his “heh-heh-heh” chuckle as he celebrated his successful scare. He would also run full-force through the house and slap his hands on the wall/fridge, then fall to the ground screaming—all to scare his mom who was sure he was hurt. Wrong, yes, but in hindsight, pretty funny. Little scary Scott grew up to become a carpenter. A carpenter who loves to scare is the perfect prop builder! Scott has an artistic side and has always been imaginative.

His wife Cathy keeps things organized. She also takes care of all of the sewing projects for the haunt and puts in a lot of elbow grease too! The three “little kids” that inspired the whole haunting tradition have grown up surrounded by creepy, crawly things. When most kids were in the back yards swinging, they were dragging skeletons through the woods, yelling “wheeeeeeeeeee”. Don’t worry, they’re pretty normal young adults now. Scottie, Stephanie, and Taylor put in their share of hard work and get great satisfaction from hearing the screams during the haunt!

Joey “Chumknee” Truxell: Artist, Pack Rat – “We Could Make Something Out of That” Guy

Joey has always had a love for art. From his first Crayola, he knew that there was no limit to what could be created. Little did he know when he married Scott’s sister, that he would be using his talent for good and evil at the same time one day. His artistic abilities combined with Scott’s talents resulted in what we call Twizted Creationz. His wife Kelly gets her hand in it too, from expert pumpkin carver to painting and other odds and ends.

Raymond “Sheriff Ray Ray” Gochenour

Raymond has been an invaluable addition to the scare crew. He is a talented builder and creative in his own right. In the past few years, Raymond has made it possible for us to add many new attractions that we would not have been able to add without him.  He has put in an incredible amount of volunteer hours throughout the years, and is there for any needs that arise.  Raymond even shaved his head at a Relay for Life event to help raise money and awareness for cancer.  What dedication!

Jerry “Booper” Blosser

Booper’s help as our sound technician has made it possible for us to add some of our most popular attractions at the haunt, like the hell-e-vator, and has done work in other areas for us in audio and video.

Our Amazing Volunteers

There are so many other people that volunteer their time and talents to us every year. It takes a lot of people to put on a show like ours and we are very lucky to be surrounded by the great group of friends and family that are there for us. Some haven’t missed a year yet! We couldn’t do it without their dedication and hard work.

Interested in Joining Our Volunteer Scare Team?

Visit our contact page and send us an email!